My name is Pauliina Siniauer.

I have a bad memory when it comes to names and numbers, but I always remember the things I’ve eaten. The smells, tastes, colors, textures. Food inspires me, in many ways.

I’m not a chef, I’m a journalist. Who makes kick-ass hummus.

In 2015 I got back from Berlin, where I spent a year doing research about food journalism at Freie Universität. After that, I produced a food journalism study program to Haaga Helia University of Applied Sciences, in Helsinki. In August 2016, I moved to New York to study investigative food journalism and interactive storytelling, at the City University of New York, Graduate School of Journalism.

All photos and content on this site are copyrighted by me, unless otherwise mentioned.To contact me, send an email: siniauer(at)gmail(dot)com. You’ll also find me from Linkedin.

Nice to have you here!



Photo: Kate Ryan

Photo: Kate Ryan