She knew what she was looking for. Her steps were determined. They were in a department store in Düsseldorf, these two Lauras. Laura from Finland and Laura from Germany. Well, originally the other Laura is also from Finland, but as she had lived in Germany for many years, so she was leading the way. And her steps led them to spoons.

And not any spoons, porcelain spoons. They were fragile, pure white, so thin that you fear that you’ll break them.

Laura was satisfied and the other Laura was curious.

Why do you need porcelain spoons

For eating eggs, explained Laura. The ones she’d got from her mother were all broken and yes, you need to have a porcelain spoon to eat boiled egg, the taste is totally different. So much better than the taste with a metal spoon.

Laura was confused, how come no one had told this before. So she bought a bundle of spoons and brought a few for me too. I couldn’t wait to test them. Of course I had to do a bit of googling while the eggs boiled. And I got some scientific help from the University of Cambridge, the material of a spoon does make a difference.

I think I’ve never eaten an egg with such excitement. My eyes rolled. The taste was different. It was way better.


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